Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar seeks to help her clients move through their pain and regrets through psychic and medium readings.

Skeptics and believers alike are reported to have found peace in their dealings with Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar. Whether seeking answers through her connection to the spirits of the departed or her connection to angels and spirit guides, Berbiar aims to improve the lives of her clients through her spiritual insight.

Berbiar first reported having the ability to speak with departed spirits after the death of her father when she was a young girl. She hopes to use her abilities to help other people who are grieving the loss of loved ones or who are unsure how they should proceed in life.

Aside from the grief that the living experience, Berbiar also seeks to heal the hearts and souls of those who have passed on. She has been involved in several paranormal investigations, during which she reports that she’s been able to bring peace to the souls of those long gone from this world.

“My true goal, or my ultimate goal is to heal the heart here (on Earth) and heal the spirit in Heaven,” the Santa Clarita spiritual medium said. “When your energy is low and you’re very depressed and you’re grieving, … (your departed loved ones) want to stay down here because they want to comfort you. So what happens is that they’re still not at peace.”

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Berbiar offers group readings for multiple family members or friend groups to seek meetings with spirits of departed loved ones or inspiration from guiding forces. Berbiar claims that these readings allow four or more people to work with her to receive messages “from departed loved ones, angels and spirit guides.”

Residents of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas may have preconceived notions about spiritual mediums, but Berbiar intentionally makes her practice a welcoming place for all. She welcomes skeptics and those who aren’t completely open to work with her in the hope of reaching new understanding and peace.

Berbiar’s mission statement is to work towards “healing hearts and healing souls,” both on Earth and in Heaven. In that spirit, she is dedicated to her work performing psychic and spiritual readings, house cleansings and seances for those who seek her out.

Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way. She has already helped hundreds of people around the world. Now it’s your turn…

Yesenia Berbiar, Spiritual Medium


Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium