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About Yesenia

Healing Hearts Healing Souls...

Healing Hearts, Healing Souls… this best describes how Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar spends her life. She helps heal people here in the physical, as well as those who have passed on.

She heals their hearts, she heals their souls. When we lose a loved one, whether they are human or animal, we grieve. That is the natural process we all experience, as the result of our loss.

Even though our loved ones see “The Bigger Picture” in heaven, they too can become sad and feel helpless when they see us unhappy. It can be a difficult task for spirits to communicate with us here in the physical world. That’s where Yesenia comes in; she helps people in the physical world communicate with their loved ones in heaven.

This communication is healing for everyone involved. The realization that life really does exist after the physical body dies, and that our loved ones are doing well, is huge!

As far as our loved ones in heaven, healing occurs when they get the chance to simply say “hello”, “goodbye”, or “I love you.” Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way.

She has already helped hundreds of people around the world.

Now it’s your turn…

Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium
Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium
Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium
Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium


Yesenia Berbiar is a world renowned Spiritual Medium, who has been reuniting people with their loved ones in heaven, including pets, for much of her life.

She has conducted hundreds of medium and psychic readings for people across the United States, as well as Ireland, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, India, Italy, and France.

Because she is very discreet, her clients include actors, musicians, medical professionals, police officers, educators, business professionals, retirees, and working moms and dads.

Besides conducting medium readings, Yesenia also conducts paranormal investigations and house cleansings with her husband, who is also a medium and professional investigator.

During her free time, which isn’t much, she spends it with her family in Los Angeles, California or travelling the world.

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