Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar recommends clients record their spiritual readings, so that they may have a record of departed spirits’ messages to them.

Having reported a long history of communicating with spirits of the departed, Berbiar currently holds spiritual readings for her clients in which she contacts the spirits of their loved ones to help heal clients’ hearts and souls.

Mark, one of Berbiar’s clients, discussed his experiences in his three years of working with Berbiar to contact his relatives.

“It was a referral,” he said, that brought him to Berbiar. “Obviously, a good referral. They had a good experience.”

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Mark kept notes on his meetings with Berbiar, going back to 2016. Berbiar said that she encourages her clients to take notes or record their sessions because she often can’t recall the details of readings after her clients have left.

“If (clients) call me two hours later (after a reading), I would have no clue what we talked about,” Berbiar said. “I find it fascinating, when (clients) … start saying, ‘Remember, you said this, this and this,’ and I’m looking (at them) like, ‘Wow, I did?’”

When asked how long it took Mark to fully trust that Berbiar was, indeed, speaking with the spirits of his deceased relatives, he said he was certain of it within his first session.

“Kind of immediately, looking through my notes, there (were) multiple things that happened right away, where my mother and grandparents were there,” Mark said. “The things they were saying, the thing that Yesenia was saying about them was spot-on.”

When asked about her history as a spiritual medium, Berbiar said that she started communicating with spirits as a child, but didn’t start giving readings for strangers until she was about 29 years old.

“When my dad passed away when I was seven, I started having conversations with (his spirit),” said Berbiar. “And then I started seeing other spirits (and) other loved ones.”

Berbiar said that she tends to think that most people have some level of connection to the spiritual, but that children are especially capable of sensing spirits.

“We all have that sixth sense; it’s just whether you’re open to it or not,” said Berbiar.

Mark said he saw Berbiar’s revelations as one part of a larger search for humankind’s place in the universe.

“I think everybody’s sort of searching. You know, Man’s search for meaning, I think it’s in all of us,” said Mark. “There was a large part of me that was really wanted to know, ‘is this valid?’ and ‘is this something that can take you to the next level?’”

Those looking to record their own experiences with a spiritual medium in Santa Clarita can find out more about Berbiar at her website, where she offers readings, seances and paranormal investigation.

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