Ever since she was a young girl, Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar has spoken with spirits of the departed, and now aims to use this special connection to help the spirits she encounters.

“At three (years old), … it was my great-grandmother,” Berbiar said, when asked about the first spirit who contacted her. “I definitely started speaking to my dad when he passed away when I was seven.”

Some years later, Berbiar taps into this connection with the hope of healing the hearts and souls of her living clients and the spirits who surround them.

Berbiar said that, as a spiritual medium, she’s able to easily contact her client’s departed loved ones. She admits that “some are more available than others.” For instance, she said that for clients possessing “an open heart and open mind,” the connection is generally easier to establish.

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“I dream readings before (meeting the clients),” the spiritual medium said. “The spirits come and visit me. I also get to feel a lot of what the person died of.”

When asked about her ability to soothe angry spirits, Berbiar used an example from a past trip to Ireland as a way of explaining how she helps move the healing process forward.

“We went to this haunted mansion. It was Ross Castle. And it was interesting because they purposely put me in a room … where they had the dead bodies (at some point in the past),” Berbiar said. “It was the only time I’ve ever slept with my clothes on (while) on vacation.”

After holding a seance, Berbiar said that she was able to discern the presence of a family who had been murdered within the castle’s walls.

“There were kids and there were parents, and we had names and we talked about it,” said Berbiar. “And I told them, ‘If I find your tomb and if I bring you flowers, do you promise to go to heaven?’ And they said, ‘Yes.’”

The next day, Berbiar said that she carried wildflowers with her as she and her husband toured the ruins and nearby cemetery.

“I went on to the cemetery, and we found the tombstones. They had been broken in half. I said my piece and I was able to sleep in the room perfectly fine,” the spiritual medium said. “My husband and I were just great after that.”

Upon being asked about the physical and emotional toll of speaking with spirits, Berbiar stated that she often finds the work energizing rather than draining.

“Everyone’s energy that’s in the room (while I’m working with the spirits) — their energy helps fuel me,” Berbiar explained. “So the more I can help (my clients),” she continued, “their vibration goes up. And once that happens, I get some of that in return as well.”

Anyone interested in scheduling his or her own spiritual reading, or who simply looking to find out more about Berbiar’s services can find more information on Berbiar’s website.

Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way. She has already helped hundreds of people around the world. Now it’s your turn…

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