Both spiritual believers and skeptics have found closure through Santa Clarita Spiritual Medium Yesenia Berbiar.

By piercing the veil to reach out to loved ones, Berbiar’s ability to bring the unknown into focus with clarity and wisdom has brought many the peace of mind they need to move on.

Grief is a normal part of life, but those needing assistance through the process have found comfort in Berbiar’s ability to reach into the beyond, giving insight to those in need of spiritual counseling. By reframing the healing process in the light of the messages she receives, Berbiar has brought strength to individuals and families who have struggled to heal in the aftermath of loss.

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Having worked with clients from every walk of life — from musicians and actors to retirees and working families — this Santa Clarita spiritual medium has seen grief in many forms, in both her living clients and their relatives who have passed on.

Besides being able to make contact with those on the “other side,” Berbiar offers counseling and assistance to those with various spiritual problems. Services offered by Berbiar include psychic readings, paranormal investigations, and house cleansing.

“She helps heal people here in the physical, as well as those who have passed on,” officials report. “She heals their hearts, she heals their soul.”

Residents of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas may have preconceived notions about spiritual mediums, but Berbiar intentionally makes her practice a welcoming place for all. She welcomes skeptics and those who aren’t completely open to work with her in the hope of reaching new understanding and peace.

Berbiar is deeply dedicated to calming people’s souls throughout the natural grieving process. For those who have lost loved ones, she hopes to shine a light to lead those working through their grief to understanding and acceptance.

Officials want the eager and curious among Santa Clarita residents to understand that, “this communication is healing for everyone involved. The realization that life really does exist after the physical body dies, and that our loved ones are doing well, is huge!”

Since Berbiar has dedicated her life to “healing hearts and healing souls,” she displays this intention prominently as a mission statement on her website. She hopes that all who are ready to move forward and heal reach out to her for help in their spiritual journeys.

Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way. She has already helped hundreds of people around the world. Now it’s your turn…

Yesenia Berbiar, Spiritual Medium


Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium