A Santa Clarita spiritual medium is revealing personal preference for spiritual readings while giving an in studio reading.

Spiritual medium and healer Yessenia Berbiar welcomes in a KHTS studio guest, Ellen, to discuss what she is feeling while sitting in studio with her.

According to officials, Berbiar’s practice is aimed to “heal hearts and heal souls.” Berbiar delivers messages from loved ones and gives advice based on the information coming through from loved ones and spirit.

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For those who have experienced loss and are trying to wrap their heads around the grieving process this in studio reading allows the doors of healing to open and remain open.

Berbiar compliments the silence in the room, explaining that it gives her the space to feel what is going on and to hear the messages that are being relayed to her through loved ones.

Spiritual medium Berbiar notes, “…This is kind of what I like about what I do. I really stay like a hermit in my house and I try not to listen to the news… and really it’s because when I have moments like this I really get the true sense of that person for who they are…”

Grief itself along with the mourning process for loved ones can be a heavy topic on the mind and the heart. Grief is something that needs to be felt and processed, as it usually stays throughout the remainder of a loved ones life.

By reaching through to family and friends’ loved ones and those that have passed on, Berbiar is not only opening the door of healing, but of communication. In this particular instance, Berbiar is reaching out to both of Ellen’s parents.

This discussion and in studio reading opens a door for residents and listeners alike to some of Berbiar’s work all the while giving a greater insight to the process of grieving and healing through the connection to those who have passed on.

Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way. She has already helped hundreds of people around the world. Now it’s your turn…

Yesenia Berbiar, Spiritual Medium


Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium