Spiritual believers and skeptics alike across the Santa Clarita Valley go to spiritual medium Yessenia Berbiar for assistance in reaching through to the other side to connect with their loved ones.

Everyone is familiar with grieving, but some people may need more, and Berbiar is here to deliver the messages she receives to give greater insight to people and families as well as shed a different light on the healing process.

This spiritual medium of Santa Clarita has had clients that range any where from actors to musicians, police officers to educators or retirees to everyday working families.

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Aside from Berbiar’s gift of being able to reach the “other side” or those who have passed on this Santa Clarita spiritual medium can also perform a number of services including: psychic readings, paranormal investigations, and house cleanings.

“She helps heal people here in the physical, as well as those who have passed on. She heals their hearts, she heals their soul,” officials report.

Santa Clarita residents and those in surrounding cities are encouraged not to be anxious of going to a spiritual medium like Berbiar, nor do they have to be completely open to it the concept in order to reach out to her.

Berbiar is dedicated to shinning a brighter light on the natural grieving process
people go through when losing a loved one.

Officials want the curios and the eager residents of Santa Clarita to know that, “this communication is healing for everyone involved. The realization that life really does exist after the physical body dies, and that our loved ones are doing well, is huge!”

Berbiar spends her life “healing hearts and healing souls” this is her mission
statement, as it is found on her website. She encourages people who are ready to heal and to continue moving forward in their spiritual journey to reach out to her for the help they may need in finding their way.

Are you ready to let the healing begin? Are you ready to continue on your spiritual journey? If so, then let Yesenia help find your way. She has already helped hundreds of people around the world. Now it’s your turn…

Yesenia Berbiar, Spiritual Medium


Yesenia Berbiar - Spiritual Medium